How To Clean A French Bulldog’s Tail Pocket

If you have had your French Bulldog for a while you likely are aware of their tail pocket.  This can be a problem area for many Frenchies and knowing how to keep a French Bulldog tail pocket is important.  Every Frenchie’s body is different and for some the tail pocket is more pronounced than others.  If your French Bulldog has a significant tail pocket then you will definitely want to read this.  In this short article I will be sharing how to clean a French Bulldog’s tail pocket.  Let’s jump in and I will share how to best handle this part of your Frenchie’s overall health care.  

So What Exactly Is a French Bulldog Tail Pocket?  

illustration of a French Bulldog tail

It is pretty simple really.  The French bulldog tail pocket is that area under their tail.  As mentioned above, for some French Bulldogs it is more pronounced than in others.  The tail on my French Bulldog isn’t inverted in his body at all so it is less of a concern for our Augie however for some Frenchies that have an extreme inverted tail it can be a much more serious issue.  This area on your Frenchie is quite prone to collecting dirt, dander, feces and other debris.  This is an area you will want to keep an eye on as it is prone infections and hot spots. That’s why is extremely important to regularly clean your Frenchie’s tail pocket area and keep an eye on it to ensure no problems develop.

If this area on your French Bulldog does develop issues you may notice a less than ideal odor from that area.  That smell is a sign of possible infection.  Further, some French Bulldog owners have experienced their Frenchie “scooting” their bum across the floor trying to itch this area.  An unclean tail pocket can also lead to stains on furniture, bed sheets, and more.  

Frenchies like to play, roll in the dirt or mud, and this can lead to moisture or debris getting under their tail.  That debris can be trapped in their tail pocket.  That can of course lead to issues if not take care of properly.  Regularly combing or cleaning your French Bulldog’s coat is one thing, but making sure you clean under and around their tail is another.  It is an important area to clean on your Frenchie and in the next section I’ll talk about how to clean that area.  You need to determine if your French Bulldog has a pronounced tail pocket and if they do it will require your daily attention to keep them healthy.   

extreme inverted tail pocket on a French Bulldog

An extremely inverted tail pocket on your French Bulldog can be a serious issue and lead to prolonged infections in that area.  In my research I found this poor French Bulldog shown on the Chicago French Bulldog Rescue Facebook page that showed her extreme inverted tail pocket.  This poor little Frenchie kept getting tail pocket infections and it required surgery as her tailbone was poking inside the tail pocket leading to repeated infections.  They Doctor surgically shortened the tail bone to help alleviate the problem.  This was an extreme case but it is a cautionary example of what you need to be aware of and watch out for with your French Bulldog.  

How To Clean A French Bulldog’s Tail Pocket

If you have a French Bulldog with a tail pocket then you should be cleaning it daily. It is recommended that every Frenchie owner clean their dog’s tail pocket area every time they go to the bathroom. You can use a baby wet wipes (due to their alcohol free nature) and to gently clean beneath your Frenchie’s tail.

If you closely examine your French Bulldog’s tail pocket, you will likely notice debris and moisture that can lead to your Frenchie’s tail becoming red, swollen, and irritated.  When the tail pocket is severely irritated it is highly recommended that you visit your Veterinarian and have them examine and treat the area.  In some cases the area may be sealed with medicated ointment or powder, otherwise, you can even use baby diaper rash cream.

A French Bulldog that gets a tail pocket infection will show inflamed skin that is red, inflamed and likely painful to touch.  Redness and irritation in the tail pocket area can lead to some major discomfort for your French Bulldog and that rash can make them feel like their skin is burning.  You may notice them “scooting” their bum across the floor to try and itch it and achieve some relief.  Poor little Frenchie!  

One way to thoroughly clean your French bulldog’s tail is to use a mix of mild water and baby soap. You can apply this solution on a cotton ball and to gently clean the skin around your dog’s tail area.  Alternatively, you can use a wet wipe instead.  

Next you will want to clean the tail pocket area on your French Bulldog

You may want to put on some rubber gloves before you start to perform the cleaning to keep any undesirable smells from getting on your hands.  The odor of the tail pocket area can be pretty pungent and you may end up on your hands. 

What you will want to do next is lift your French bulldog’s tail gently and carefully clean the layer of the hairless skin in that area. You can do this by using a mix of water and baby soap.  Some Frenchie owners have used a 50-50 solution of water and apple cider vinegar. Apple cider vinegar is well-known for its anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal benefits. This mixture may also be helpful in alleviating a Yeast infection for your French Bulldog.  If you are seeing your French Bulldog’s tail pocket is red and inflamed you can apply a baby diaper rash cream with Zinc.  Zinc is known for strengthening the integrity of your Frenchie’s skin.  It can minimize and reduce the amount of natural oils that their skin produces and provide some relief. 

Here’s a Video I Found From a Frenchie Owner Showing How To Clean a French Bulldog’s Tail Pocket

In this video you will see Tabatha the French Bulldog has a significant tail pocket.  Her owner shows how she uses sensitive skin wipes to clean the tail and the tail pocket.  She gets cleaned on a daily basis and in this video she has a good video on how she takes good care of her.  

The Tail End – Wrapping Up This Article On How To Clean a French Bulldog’s Tail Pocket

Depending on the build of your Frenchie they may or may not have a tail pocket.  If they do have a tail pocket, you will absolutely want to follow the advice in this article and regularly inspect and clean this area so your Frenchie can stay in good health.  If and when it does get inflamed you will absolutely want to seek the guidance of your Veterinarian.  Hope this helps!!  

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