What You Should Know About Your French Bulldog Throwing Up

No feeling is worse than seeing your French bulldog sick. Seeing the friend that is always there for you to struggle and not feel one hundred percent can be disheartening, frustrating, and potentially instill quite a bit of fear. When I strived to give my dog the best life possible, it hurt to see them seeming blue. You never want to see your French bulldog throwing up or being sick, but when this does occur, it is important to know what is happening and what you can do.

Understanding the Situation of Your French Bulldog Throwing Up

Before you are able to help your dog recover, you first have to know what is wrong, or even if they are sick. Because French bulldogs are incapable of verbal communication, it becomes imperative that owners learn to identify their body language and feelings through their actions. Though some actions are sure signs of illness, some may be a little more difficult to identify. However, if these signs can be identified, analyzed, and acted upon in a timely manner, you may be able to greatly reduce or completely prevent your French bulldog from throwing up and having more severe signs of sickness.

Reading your French bulldog’s body language is a key to early identification of an illness. Frenchies are notorious for having some common ailments throughout their life, many of which can have varying symptoms. One of the biggest tells that you can easily look for is if your French bulldog is acting strange or unusual. This is not about them running around with other dogs or playing with a toy in a weird way. This actually entails their typical mannerisms, and if how they act seems like something could be wrong. This has a wide range of possible symptoms. Maybe your bulldog is sleeping a lot. Maybe when they walk, they seem a little sluggish. Maybe they are just unenthusiastic or just seem down in the dumps. Anything that seems just a little off can be an indication of something greater in your French bulldog.

French Bulldog Throwing Up

Watching your French bulldog throw up is a quick awakening to their illness. Since this is a pretty obvious sign and requires no reading of body language, many people will want to take immediate action to help get their friend healthy again. Though it can be a scary awakening, there are sleeping a lot, and many reasons not to worry.

One common reason a French bulldog may be throwing up is a food allergy. Food allergies are actually very common in all dogs. Most food allergies in dogs stem from the meat that they are consuming. Food allergies have a myriad of side effects in dogs, ranging anywhere from loss of appetite to diarrhea to vomiting. If diet is not changed, this can ultimately lead to French bulldog Inflammatory Bowel Disease, but this is easy to treat by switching up the food your French bulldog is consuming. This would be an easy way to prevent long term damage or ailments and would allow for you French bulldog to live a happy life eating till their heart’s content.

Another reason, also relating to diet, that your French bulldog may be throwing up is something they consumed recently that is alarming or unusual to their diet. Maybe while you were cooking, you ended up tossing your Frenchie a scrap of meat. Maybe they got a hold of something from the kitchen table. Or perhaps while you were on a walk with your bulldog, you stopped by a pond or some water that your Frenchie drank. These situations, or other similar situations, can be an absolute shock to your French bulldogs digestive system. Similar to humans, French bulldogs don’t always react well to new food or diet, and if something is introduced at the wrong time, it can lead to some stomach issues. I have found that typically, the best way to handle this situation is to wait it out a couple days. After a while, whatever was in their system will be flushed out. Giving your dog some digestion-helping food can be a good way to help speed this process up.

French Bulldog Throwing Up White Foam

Seeing your dog throw up is scary by itself, but when you see white foam come with the throw up, you may be extremely fearful of what is happening. Nobody wants to see their French bulldog throwing up white foam, as it’s odd and looks as if something is terribly wrong. Fortunately, this is not as awful of a scenario as it may seem, and it usually provides no reason for concern. If this happens once or twice, it may just be a weird reaction to something they ate. It isn’t an awful idea to take them to the vet, just to make sure everything is okay. I’ve found that sometimes, the veterinarian may give some sort of medicine or a certain food to help settle their stomach. Though this can help, it may be easier or less expensive for you to give your Frenchie love and attention while just waiting it out. If the dog continues to throw up white foam multiple times or for an extended time, however, immediate action should be taken and the Frenchie must be taken to the vet. Throwing up white foam can be an early sign of gastric torsion or stomach dilation, two ailments that can be very serious. A vet will know proper ways to both diagnose and treat these issues, so if the white foam is a continued problem, seeking medical attention for your bulldog is a must.

French Bulldog Throwing Up After Drinking

When many Frenchie owners bring up their dog throwing up, they immediately get flashbacks to their French bulldog throwing up after drinking. I don’t know about your Frenchie, bu my Augie eats so fast and drinks water like he hasn’t drank in days. This is an odd situation that many dog owners can relate to, as it is much more of a common occurrence than one might think. Water can be the catalyst for many reasons a dog would throw up, so seeing your dog throw up after drinking may be alarming, but it should not be overly shocking.

Similar to what was mentioned earlier, it has been found that many dogs will throw up after drinking contaminated water. Sometimes if a dogs bowl has been ignored for a few days and not properly cleaned and washed out, bacteria can begin to form and impact the quality of the water. The bacteria can cause unfortunate reactions within the digestive system, causing the dog to throw up. Bacteria entrance into a dogs drinking water can also occur in ponds, streams, and rivers, or also if water has been stagnant or shared with other dogs.

Other stagnant pools of water outdoors can cause a French bulldog to throw up shortly after drinking water. Toxins and pollutants infect these waters, coming from fertilizers, pesticides, and other runoffs. Algae levels in these outdoor water pools are also much higher. Blue-green algae can be pretty toxic, especially toward French bulldogs who already have lower strength immune systems. These toxic items can all enter your French bulldogs digestive system through the water being consumed. Avoiding these pools can often be slightly difficult, as many active dogs will attempt to drink or swim in the water. It can be very hard to prevent your dog from consuming water, especially if they decide to jump in and swim a little.

One final reason your French bulldog may be throwing up after drinking water is parasites. These awful creatures have a nasty habit of living and surviving in water, or nearby fecal matter that can run off into local water sources. When dogs begin to drink water that is possibly infested with parasites, they run the risk of contracting them from the water. Though these parasites typically are not horridly dangerous, they can be a major inconvenience for you and your dog as they may try to throw up the parasites.

French bulldog health problems

Ways to Help Your French Bulldog Who is Throwing Up

Anytime a member so important to your life, like your dog, is sick, the mind automatically travels to how you can help them feel better. And though all French bulldogs are different and react to treatments in different ways, many home remedies are present to help your dog recover.

One of the first things to do to help your French bulldog when they are sick is identify what made them sick, if you possibly can. Though it would be difficult to tell for certain, having an idea of what is causing the illness would give you a general idea on how to proceed with treating your dog. This also allows you to potentially remove what was causing their illness, especially if it was something in their diet.

A lot of French bulldog owners have found that one way to help a sick Frenchie is to give them softer food. This is a little easier on their digestive systems and processes than a typical hard, crunchy food. Some keep the same food, just adding a little bit of water into the food to help soften it. Many have tried a canned option of food. Some of these canned options have properties to help strengthen, help, and repair a struggling digestive system. We had to switch Augie to a Hydrolized food diet as he was throwing up a lot.  That has helped him immensely.  

Bring Your French Bulldog to The Vet

One of the easiest ways to help treat your bulldog is to take them to the vet. Though this may result in higher fees, this is the most surefire way to help get the proper treatment for your dog. This will give you professional insight and potentially some medicines to fasten the recovery process for your French bulldog.

Get Them To Eat Their Food and Drink More Slowly

My little Frenchie has a ravenous appetite and is very food driven.  He has thrown up after eating on multiple occasions because he ate too fast.  We got him a modified food dish that forces him to eat slower and that helped immensely.  This is the one we got for him. 

Leashboss Flat Face Feeder


Though all these remedies may be successful in some facet, one of the best ways to help your dog recover is rest. This requires you to give your dog plenty of time to lay down and not do anything, removing much of the stimulation from their life. This is a lot easier to do with a dog, as they have much fewer responsibilities than humans. But rest is still an important aspect to French bulldogs getting back to full health after they are sick.  If you think your French Bulldog has serious health problems call your Vet without delay. 

Final Thoughts on Your French Bulldog Throwing Up

Taking care of your sick French bulldog can be an unnerving experience. Seeing them throw up and sick may cause you a lot of stress or angst. Luckily, there are many ways to understand what is happening and to help treat your sick bulldog. Though some illnesses may require a trip to the vet, many can be treated from home in a more comfortable and stress-free environment.

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