Frenchie Chinese Crested Dog Mix: Get to Know Them!

You’re likely already very familiar with the popular French Bulldog but have you ever heard of the Frenchie Chinese Crested dog mix?  It’s an interesting dog mix that resulted between French Bulldogs and the Chinese Crested Dog together.  

Each of the dog breeds that make up this unique hybrid dog breed is different but contribute some interesting traits.  With that, lets dive and examine the Frenchie Chinese Crested dog mix.  

Introducing the French Bulldog Chinese Crested Hybrid Dog Mix (Aka the Frenchie Chine)

This is a very interesting hybrid dog breed.  A hybrid dog breed is when two distinct types of dogs are bred together.  In this case it is the Frenchie Chinese Crested.  This French Bulldog Chinese Crested dog mix is an interesting combination that you have likely never heard of.

This hybrid dog breed is a cross between a French Bulldog and a Chinese Crested dog.  It is not a cross breed you will likely encounter often but it hard to mistake them when you see one. This dog hybrid has interesting and varied physical characteristics.  While unpredictable, you can expect to see dominant traits such as the Frenchie snub nose and the lack of hair from the two very different dog parents to carry over in the puppies.

The temperament of this hybrid mix will likely be pretty consistent because the Chinese Crested and the French Bulldog are very similar.

In this article I will discuss the origins, temperaments, and breed standards of the Chinese Crested and French Bulldog individually and then give you an idea of what this hybrid dog mix will be like within your family.

Ok, let’s dive in and examine these two dog breeds and what the combination may look like!

Frenchie Chinese Crested dog mix

French Bulldog Chinese Crested Dog Mix: What You Need to Know

Let’s start discussing their coat.  This dog mix will be hairless because of the dominant gene carried over from the the Chinese Crested dog. Breeders must be aware that if the hybrid puppy inherits a copy of this same gene from both parents the combination will be fatal so it is important that they do proper genetic testing in advance.  The Chinese Crested with hair is known as a Powderpuff (this breed has a hairless version and version with hair).  The version with an abundant body of hair is known as a Powderpuff and has two recessive gene copies.

You will find that a recessive gene and one dominant gene in the Chinese Crested hairless dog.  The dominant allele causes a lack of hair in this version of the dog and it has an interesting look!

With the Frenchie Chinese Crested mix you are likely to have a partially hairless and even bald puppy due to the dominant hairless trait.

When it comes to possible colorations of this Chinese Crested Frenchie combo you may see black, fawn, or even cream.  You are also likely to see unique speckles similar to what you would see on a purebred Chinese Crested.  You may see patches of hair throughout the body of the Chinese Crested Frenchie mix.

This interesting dog mix will likely have tufts of hair around their faces and on top of their heads.  These little tufts of hair will likely be of short to medium-length hair and certainly lead to an interesting appearance.

With this Frenchie Chinese Crested mix you will be unlikely to see the long locks of hairs seen in the purebred Chinese Crested.  More than likely, you will see interspersed wisps similar what you would see with French Bulldogs shorter hairs.

When it comes to the weight and size of your dog mix, you should anticipate the dog would weigh around 10 to 12 pounds and be about 12-14 inches in height at the shoulder level.

When it comes to the build of your Chinese Crested Frenchie mix you won’t see as much of the traditional short snout, smushed face, or the short-legged that a Frenchie brings to the table.  The Chinese Crested side of the family will likely change some of these proportions.

When looking at the French Bulldog they are well-known for their dwarf features so you so cross-breeding a Frenchie with a Chinese Crested will likely still result with those same characteristics.  It may require multiple generations of cross-breeding to create any noticeable lengthening of their snout and their limbs.

Now that we have examined what a mix would look like, let’s look at each individual dog breed one at a time.

cute french bulldog puppy
Small lilac fawn colored French Bulldog dog puppy with large funny blue eyes sitting in front of gray wall with copy space

French Bulldog: General Overview

French Bulldogs (or Frenchies) are some of the most popular companion dog breeds in the world!

This dog breed is a mix or cross with French ratter dogs and is initially used for fighting and hunting vermin. But now, French Bulldogs make cute little companions who love their owners!

You may recognize a French Bulldog breed because of its small size, signature bat ears, square and wrinkly face, soft and smooth coating, and stubby legs.

Although they do not bark much, French bulldogs are very alert, which means they make good watchdogs.

They also love to make friends! The French Bulldog is a friendly breed that enjoys interacting with other dogs and humans!

French Bulldogs do not require much exercise, but it still helps to keep them active!


The right feeding depends on whether your French Bulldog is a puppy or an adult.

For French Bulldog puppies, the rule of thumb is you should feed them three times a day at 2-6 months old.

After six months, you can resort to feeding them two meals a day.

You must also keep track of the quantities!

French Bulldogs are prone to obesity, so always remember to moderate and monitor your dog’s intake to maintain a healthy weight.

Here are some SAFE FOODS to feed French Bulldogs:

Here is a list of foods to AVOID feeding this type of breed, as they can cause health problems:

  • Asparagus
  • Avocado
  • Cherries
  • Grapes
  • Lemons and Limes
  • Mushrooms
  • Garlic
  • Onions
  • Candy or baked goods
  • Foods high in fat
  • Cooked bones

And as usual, don’t forget the WATER!

If you aren’t sure if what you are about to feed your French Bulldog is good or bad, always do prior research or consult a vet!

Training and Socialization

Early socialization and interaction with other breeds (or even other pets) are recommended for the dog’s mental stimulation.

Training centers are also a good place for socializing for your French Bulldog! Not only can they interact with other humans and dogs, but they will also exercise and learn new skills!

French Bulldogs are stranger-friendly dogs and tend to be quite stubborn, but they are easy to train because they need to please their owners!

Unlike some canines, French Bulldogs are NOT meant for Search and Rescue.

French Bulldogs also tend to chew or play-bite stuff when they get bored. Don’t worry! It’s natural for your French Bulldog to bite things!

You can give bulldogs chewing or biting toys or a bone to bite on if you do not want them biting on your valuables.

Potty Training

With potty training, it is important to start training your dog as early as possible!

  • You can train your dog by placing it in a CRATE as a safe space.
  • Since your dog will instinctively not want to pee in this safe space, it may let out a whine or cry, which is the go-signal.
  • Take your dog outside and reward it for doing its business.
  • Eventually, your French Bulldog will give you SIGNALS when it needs to go to the bathroom, like standing by the door.

If your dog pees or poops inside, clean it up immediately, so it does not think the indoors is the bathroom!

Active Movement

Exercising is not a priority for your French Bulldog, but it still helps to have short walks or playtime now and then to keep them active.

Just remember to avoid strenuous activities or extreme weather conditions, as your French Bulldog may have difficulty breathing.


French Bulldogs are low shedders because of their short coats.

You can maintain your dog’s coat by brushing it weekly to promote hair growth and remove shed hair!

French Bulldogs are also low maintenance when it comes to bathing. (IMPORTANT: Consult your veterinarian on what kind of shampoo to use as some may cause skin problems.)

Additionally, avoid getting their face wet when washing as moisture can get trapped between the folds, which can cause infections.

Do not forget to trim your dog’s nails, as long nails can be painful for the dog! Start this off as early as possible so your dog can get comfortable with it.

Haircuts are NOT recommended for a French Bulldog! Their short and fine hair keeps them protected and regulates body temperature.

chinese crested dog

Chinese Crested Dog: What You Need to Know

Image source:

Let’s learn more about the Chinese Crested dog!

Chinese Crested dogs (or simply Chinese Cresteds) are not believed to have originated in China! They are believed to come from an African hairless dog breed.

You might first notice the gorgeous locks on a Chinese Crested dog breed, which sets them apart from other dog breeds!

These Chinese hairless dogs are smooth with hairs on their legs, tail, and head, while the hairy one (Powderpuff) is covered all around with a soft, full coat of hair.

In terms of temperament, Chinese Cresteds are lively toy breeds that are affectionate and loving towards their owners!

The Chinese Crested dog breed is a faithful companion who will not leave you alone. Additionally, Chinese Cresteds are pretty lazy compared to other small dogs.

So if you want to spend the whole day sleeping, at least you have a Chinese Crested to join you!

The Chinese Crested is also very social with others! Once they warm up to you, you will have a devoted friend for life!


Chinese Crested puppies (around 8-12 weeks) must have 4 meals a day and 3 times at 3-6 months (NOTE: One meal will do for an adult Chinese Crested.)

  • Chinese Cresteds must get around 25-29% protein as a puppy and 8-25% as an adult.
  • Chinese Cresteds can also get their fats from fish, meat, and other fruits and veggies. Keep this to a minimum of around 5-8%.
  • Keep a bowl of water ready to keep your Chinese Crested hydrated!
  • Any high-quality dry food will also suffice!

As for human foods that you can feed your Chinese Crested dogs, you CAN feed them bread, meats, watermelon, and quinoa.

Some foods that you should AVOID feeding your Chinese Crested dog are chocolate, onion, alcohol, garlic, caffeine, and grapes.

Remember to do prior research on Chinese Crested Dogs or consult your veterinarian!

Training and Socialization

Chinese Cresteds quickly pick up on cues, which makes training easier! Chinese Cresteds require little exercise and love to play games like flyball.

When it comes to communication, you must treat Chinese Cresteds with patience and kind words and actions!

Owners must establish good leadership; otherwise, your Chinese Crested will be driven away! Unlike some dogs, Chinese Cresteds are not meant for Search and Rescue.

The Crested is also very friendly, and exposure to other dogs is essential! Your Crested may also socialize in training classes or daycares.

Like French Bulldogs, Chinese Cresteds can use a dog crate for potty training! Your Chinese Crested dog will retreat here as a safe space, and you can easily keep your eye on them!

Once your Chinese Crested dog is accustomed to the crate, they will want to go somewhere else to do their business, and that’s when you lead them outside!

Many Chinese Cresteds are reasonably sanitary breeds, so they won’t go in their little pen!


Regardless of the amount of hair, you need to regularly groom the hairless and powderpuff Chinese Cresteds (even those with double coats)!

With the hairless Chinese Crested, just because there is less hair to brush, its skin is also exposed, which may cause sunburn or other skin conditions.

  • You can use skin lotions or sunscreen to prevent this.
  • You can also use moisturizing shampoo when you bathe your Chinese Crested.
  • Consult your veterinarian first before buying such products.

The Powderpuff Chinese Crested needs to be brushed daily to maintain a healthy coating.

The Powderpuff’s hair tends to tangle easily, so regular brushing will ensure your Crested’s smoothness.

It is also important to trim their nails as long nails can be painful for Chinese Cresteds or dogs!

Slowly ease your Chinese Crested into it and provide a lot of positive reinforcement, and eventually, they will be more relaxed.

Health Issues to Look Out For In the Frenchie Chine

Just like all pets, both the French Bulldog and Chinese Crested are prone to various health issues, which is why they must always have a regular check-up to remain healthy!

Here are some Frenchie Chine health conditions to watch out for with your dog.

Hip Dysplasia

  • This is when your dog’s hip joint is loose (laxity), resulting in instability, which can cause hip pain and limb dysfunction.
  • It is caused by genetics or rapid weight gain.
  • If you notice your dogs limping or not wanting to jump, it may be best to check their limbs.

Legg-Calve-Perthes Disease

  • Common in smaller dogs (like the French Bulldog and Chinese Cresteds)
  • When the head of the femur (the ‘ball’ in the ball-and-socket joint that forms the hip) begins to disintegrate due to low blood supply.
  • Can eventually lead to arthritis and collapse of the hip.
  • Clots may cause it within blood vessels, which causes the bones to deteriorate.
  • The cause could also be a genetic link as well.

Dry Eye

  • The dog’s eyes are unable to produce tears.
  • This can lead to conjunctivitis, eye ulcers, and in some severe cases, eye loss.
  • It could be caused by a faulty immune system or other things like diabetes or hypothyroidism.
  • If treated early enough, it can be slowed down through medication.
  • Consult your veterinarian if you notice red eyes, a sticky liquid in your dog’s eyes, or eye ulcers.

Conclusion – The Frenchie Chinese Crested Dog Mix

The French Bulldog and Chinese Crested are two very reliable and lovable dogs you would love to keep at home!

If you want both dogs, you can try looking for a mix of both breeds (though a French Bulldog-Chinese Crested mix is quite unlikely).

We hope this dog breed guide was informative and helpful in teaching you more about the French Bulldog and Chinese Crested!

PS – Speaking of French Bulldog mixes, have you ever heard of the French Bulldog Husky mix?

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